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The Last Sentinel 

By Ryan Coates

You are the last remaining guardians of an enchanted forest facing absolute destruction. The last sentinel (Player 1) and your eagle companion (Player 2) fight to the death defending the last sacred tree of the forest from a seemingly endless wave of overgrown bats... How long can you survive for?

The game has 12 waves with increasingly difficult amounts of enemies, with special ones appearing every so often. Heal at the shrine when you are able to, or you might run out of lives!

Key Features:

- Waves of increasing enemies!

- Special enemies!

- Limited lives!

- Local Co-op teamwork!

Release 6/23/2017 ~ Free to play

Music from http://www.lynnemusic.com/midi... (C) 1991-2005 Bjorn Lynne

Contact @ ryan.coa6818@mediadesign.school.nz

Creative Technologies 1st year student at Media Design School 

Install instructions

Requires keyboard with num-pad


TheLastSentinal.exe 15 MB

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